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The Pathways to Compassion (PTC) hospice Compliance Policy demonstrates a commitment to comply with federal, state, and private insurer standards. The policy, and its respective plan, identifies and corrects any instances of non-compliance.

The PTC Compliance Policy is comprised of the following:

  • Standards of conduct to which all employees must adhere.
  • Designation of a compliance officer to oversee the compliance policy and plan.
  • A reporting system is available for employees to report violations of the standards of conduct without fear of retribution.
  • A comprehensive staff education and training program.
  • Auditing and monitoring functions.
  • Enforcement of the compliance plan and disciplinary actions for violators.
  • Commitment to not hiring individuals or working with business entities who have been sanctioned, debarred or otherwise excluded from participating in federal healthcare programs.
  • Commitment to corrective action.
  • Adherence to the compliance plan is a condition of employment for all hospice personnel.

Reporting Fraud, Waste or Abuse: All employees, contractors, vendors and agents of PTC must immediately report to their immediate supervisor, or to a Compliance Officer, any suspicion of wrongdoing, fraud, waste, or abuse in connection with the business of PTC.

The Compliance Hotline number is: Toll Free 1-855-234-8147. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reports of suspected misconduct may be made anonymously.